Selecting The Right Sock

This page is dedicated to stump socks of the Heller brand only - Woollen, Cool Wool and Fleecenette socks. For fitting recommendation of the Law Comfort socks check individual sizes in that category.

If you are the do-it-yourself type of person then follow the steps below to determine the right sock for you. Otherwise, we will be glad to assist you selecting a suitable sock. Simply send us your stump measurements by following 'Step 1', a to c (below) and we promise a prompt reply.

You may include some helpful information such as:

  • Your preferred material e.g. 100% wool, woolblend (Cool Wool or Blue), CoolMax (Fleecenette), etc;
  • Details of the sock you are currently using, i.e. material, ply, brand, etc;
  • Whether perspiration is a problem.
  • Any other comment you feel would be helpful.

Step 1 - Work out the flat measurements of your stump

a. Measure the length of the stump from the toe end of the stump to the top end of the prosthesis. In taking down this measurement also allow for another 2-3 inches for folding down over the prosthesis. The length measurement for Above Elbow (AE) socks is taken from the armpit to the tip of the stump.

b. Measure the circumference around the top end. The top end measurement refers to a line near the top edge of the prosthesis.

c. Measure the circumference around the toe end. The toe end measurement refers to a line approximately 2-3 inches from the lower end of the stump.

d. Now divide the top and toe measurements in 2. This will give you the flat measurement of your stump. For example: Length 19", Top circ. 18", Toe circ. 12", = 19x(18/2)x(12/2) = 19x9x6. Do remember that these measurements are of the stump not the sock. And so, you also need to consider the stretching qualities of the three sock materials available.

Each of the three Heller sock categories can offer a size (in a variety of types and plies) to match the stump measurements above. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out.

Refer to individual products, in each of the categories, for the flat measurements of each sock. Please note that the actual flat measurements of a sock may fluctuate by ±5%.

If you are only interested in 100% wool stump socks and you already know the flat mesurements of your sock then check Woollen Socks - Sizes Guide to find your sock by quickly sifting through the various width combinations (ie. A1, B1, C2, etc.) and available lengths.

Step 2 - Select your preferred material

Each of the three sock categories offer a different material with certain characteristics and varying stretching ability.

The Woollen stump sock - A seamless sock with all the fine qualities of Australian Merino wool. This is the traditional stump sock material and some would say the best. So if you prefer an all-natural fibre stump sock then this is it. The Blue sock contains 12% polyester. The Blue Tip sock also contains 12% polyester but at the tip only. The blending with polyester is to achieve added strength and durability. The woollen sock has a max stretch of around 40%. We recommend a comfortable stretch of 10-20% in width and 5-10% in length. Colours: Raw white, Beige, and Blue.

The Cool Wool stump sock - Seamlessly knitted from 81% pure new Australian Merino wool, 17% Coolmax* and 2% Lycra*. Available in 6, and 9 ply. Colour: Raw white.

the Cool Wool sock has a significant stretching quality, which together with a soft and fluffy inner layer, makes for an excellent, snugly fitting stump sock. It has a max stretch of around 80%. To achieve a comfortable fit we recommend a stretch of 20-50% in width, and 10-20% in length.

In this range of stretchable, wool rich and softly padded socks you'll find one of the thickest prosthetic stump sock ever made: the Cool Wool Heavy sock in 9 ply (6 wool + 3 Coolmax).

Please note that, although the term 'Cosy' does not appear in the Item Name, all Cool Wool socks are brushed on the inside for added softness.

The Fleecenette stump sock - This prosthetic stump sock is arguably cooler, lighter and softer than any other sock available today. It is seamlessly knitted from Coolmax* (95%) for its wicking ability (the ability to draw moisture away from the skin) and Lycra* (5%) for stretch/recovery properties.

Coolmax is a specially engineered polyester fibre developed primarily for athletes to help keep their skin dry and cool in the heat of competition. Its unique four-channel fibres pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate.

The Fleecenette prosthetic stump sock will greatly aid in the repair process of chaffed, cracked and slow-to-heal skin conditions often experienced by diabetic sufferers. This versatile sock is ideal for use during rehabilitation when the skin is usually tender and sensitive. It has a max stretch of around 130%. To achieve a comfortable fit we recommended a stretch of 20-50% in width, and 10-40% in length. The more the stretch in width the less will be available for length (and vice versa). The most common Fleecenette sock is knitted in 4 Ply but it is also available in 2, 3, 5 & 6 ply. Colour: white only.

Step 3 - Select Sock thickness/ply

The Woollen stump sock

Leg socks: These are identified by the following prefixes in their Item Name: AK, BK, KB, PTB, SY, & SSY. The SSY socks have a bulbous Toe end. Below are the six wool leg sock types, their ply rating and thickness:

XL Cosy 4 Ply with Toe End reinforced to 6 ply - 1.5/2.0mm.
Standard 6 Ply - 2.0mm.
Beige 6 Ply - 2.0mm.
XH Cosy 8 Ply - 2.7mm.
Blue Cosy 8 Ply - 2.7mm.
Blue Tip 6 Ply with Toe End reinforced to 8 ply - 2.0/2.7mm.

'Cosy' means that the sock is brushed on the inside.

Arm socks: These are identified by the following prefixes in their Item Name: AE & BE. Below are the two wool arm sock types, their ply rating and thickness:

Standard 4 Ply - 1.5mm.
Beige 4 Ply - 1.5mm.

All arm socks come with the option to have the Toe End reinforced to 6 ply.

The Cool Wool stump sock

The Original 6 Ply = 4 Ply Merino wool + 2 Ply Coolmax/Lycra - 2.6mm.
Heavy 9 Ply = 6 Ply Merino wool + 3 Ply Coolmax/Lycra - 3.4mm.

All Cool Wool socks are brushed on the inside for added comfort.

The Fleecenette stump sock

2 Ply - 1.4mm.
3 Ply - 1.8mm.
4 Ply Original - 2.1mm.
5 Ply - 2.3mm.
6 Ply - 2.6mm.

*Coolmax and Lycra are trademarks of Invista.

The above notes should only be used as a guideline. There are no hard and fast rules about the level of tightness for sock fitting; this comes down to individual preference.

Taking the example given in step 1 above (with final measurements of: 19x9x6) the following socks are suitable:

Woollen: AK 20x2 Standard, AK 20x2 Beige, AK 20x2 Blue, AK 20x2 XH & AK 20x1 XL. The XL sock is substantially more stretchable than the other types in the Woollen range.

Cool Wool: 16" Standard Original, 16" Standard Heavy.

Fleecenette: Standard Medium in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 ply.

If in doubt about selecting a sock we suggest you contact us before ordering.

If you have ordered the wrong size you may return the socks for a refund or replacement. Any freight costs incurred by us will be deducted. See Shipping & Returns for more important information. Some socks are non-returnable and non-refundable.

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